Zebra ZC100 ID Card Printer (Single Sided)

Zebra ZC100 ID Card Printer (Single Sided)





The ZC100 single-sided card printer delivers simplicity and security in the slimmest fit-everywhere design in this printer class. The ZC100 is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use card printers on the market — the printer automatically adjusts to any card thickness, innovations make ribbon changes virtually fool-proof, a new printer driver offers a one-of-a-kind graphical user interface that brings a new level of simplicity to controlling the printing process. And Print DNA offers a collection of high-value solutions that makes it easier than ever to integrate card printing into your apps, design cards and support your printers. The ZC100 — when only the best single-sided card printer will do. Includes a Zebra Two Year Warranty.

Zebra ZC100 (ZC11-0000000US00) features include:

  • Edge-to-edge single-sided printing
  • 300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm) print resolution
  • Balanced 100 card capacity input and output hopper
  • Print speed up to 150 cards per hour single sided (full color) or 700 cards per hour single sided (monochrome)
  • USB 2.0 connectivity or Optional 10/100 Ethernet connectivity
  • Compatible with Windows Server 2003™, Server 2008™, Server 2012™ (64-bit), Windows 7™ (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 8™ (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit), Linux Ubuntu, and Apple IOS 10.2

Painless plug-and-play deployment
The ZC100 is designed to work right out of the box. There’s no time-consuming complicated set-up — just plug it in and start reaping the benefits the day your printer arrives.

A new ingenious card feeder handles varying card thickness on-the-fly
The card feeder instantly adjusts to the thickness of each card — no more adjusting for different card stocks.

The most intuitive LEDs
With our well-tested intuitive icons, a quick glance is all it will take for your users to see the status of the ZC100.

Innovative new driver with a graphical user interface
The intuitive interface in the newly-designed driver makes it easier than ever to print cards. Settings are grouped logically into tabs where they are easily accessible with a click. A visual display of your card allows you to instantly see how your card looks and how setting changes impact card design — eliminating the time and cost to repeatedly print test cards.

Revolutionary new hopper design
The completely re-designed hopper makes loading and unloading cards easier than ever. With the saloon-style output doors, there’s nothing to open — just grab one card or the whole stack of cards. And the input and output hoppers have the same capacity, reducing the need to refill and empty the hoppers.

Fool-proof ribbon changing
Changing a ribbon has never been so simple and uncomplicated — no instructions required. Unlock and open the newly designed ribbon door latch in one motion. The unique doorhandle style grip leaves no question about how to remove or insert the ribbon. The snug-fit design has no play or adjacent open areas, so there’s never a question about whether the ribbon is installed correctly and in the proper place. And with embedded smartchips, you always know when to change the ribbon.

Effortless manual card feed
Manually feeding a card can be complicated we made it simple with a lightpipe that guides the user through the manual feeding process, the same way that automatic teller machines guide users through their interaction.

We speak your language
Workers can interact with the ZC100 in their native tongue with driver support for multiple languages — English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Arabic.

Good looks that fit in anywhere
Even though the ZC100 is built for business, it has the consumer good looks required to fit in customer facing areas, from the retail store to the hospital admission desk.

Sized to fit wherever you need printing
Your printer shouldn’t dictate where you can issue cards — it should fit wherever card printing is needed. From the minimal footprint and the slimmest profile to the lowest clearance in this printer class, the ZC100 was designed to fit in the most possible places — including under a counter or shelf.

All the connectivity options you need
Connect to one computer through the onboard USB to create a standalone printing station. Or, add optional Ethernet or Wi-Fi to give everyone who needs card printing instant access, maximizing printer usage. And improve deployment flexibility with Wi-Fi — the time and cost to run network cabling to your printers is eliminated.

Printer cover lock
The printer cover lock prevents the theft of card stock, providing the security required to install in public-facing areas.

Printer and host authentication
Advanced security features enable printer-to-host authentication to prevent printing from unauthorized applications or devices.

AES data encryption
Government-grade encryption protects the most sensitive data during printing, such as account numbers.

Fast single-sided color and monochrome printing
We took a good thing and made it better. The ZC100 prints up to 30% faster in monochrome and 15% faster in color than its predecessor, Zebra’s ZXP Series 1 card printers.

Basic encoding options
Whether you are printing employee badges, ID cards, season passes and membership cards or credit and debit cards, you can choose the encoding option of your choice. Add a ‘swipe-and-go’ magnetic stripe when you print cards. Or use the ZIP Pocket with our new Software Development Kits (SDKs) to easily add a third-party contactless encoder to create ‘pass through’ contactless cards.

Get unmatched value with Print DNA — only from Zebra
The printer hardware is just the start of what you need to maximize the value of your printers. That’s why we created Print DNA — because what’s inside your printer matters. The Print DNA family of solutions brings unmatched ease of use, ease of integration and security to card printing, streamlining your business processes, improving operational efficiency and reducing development and deployment time and cost.

Protect your investment with Zebra’s superior support services
No matter what level of support you need, there is a Zebra support service that is just right for your business. With Zebra OneCare, no matter what happens to your printer, it’s covered. If you just need access to technical support, choose Zebra’s Technical Software and Support (TSS). And if you want help setting up and configuring the hundreds of settings on local and remote ZC100 printers, our Install & Configuration Assistance (ICA) Select program provides the support you need.

Two-year unlimited warranty on printer and printhead.

Zebra ZC100 Drivers and Firmware
You can get all the latest Zebra ZC100 drivers and firmware from Zebra’s website.


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