Private C++ Crypter

Private C++ Crypter

$2,500.00 $1,750.00

Private C++ Crypter designed and coded specially for Native tools such as Remcos and Netwire all other native tools are also supported.private stubs and refuds available, refud normally take 1-2 business days to fully refud.



Private stub C++ crypter

  • Stable
  • Private Stub
  • No Dependencies
  • Supports x86 & x64
  • Supports Most Native, VB.NET & C# Applications
  • Supports x86 & x64
  • Small stub size
  • Process Protection
  • Anti Analysis
  • Injection

Private Custom Silent Startup, Process Persistence, Private Installation Method, Assembly Changer, Strong Stealthy Persistence, Hide Files, Connect After Restart and more


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