DarkEyE Protector

DarkEyE Protector

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DarkEyE Protector will make your software resistant to cracking. Various methods of code obfuscation, mutation and virtualization will help protect your application from hacking, modifying, disassembling, illegal retrieval of unique functions and data, etc. When we say an application is cracked, it means that some data inside it have been modified so that the functionality of the program has changed. Usually is affects the executable code of the application. DarkEyE Protector encrypts the executable code and application data so that changing them without destroying the protection turns impossible. Dark EyE generates different data in each instance of protection, and the decompiled algorithm for one encrypted file becomes useless for another one.



Main Features

 Automatic USG (Everything chosen randomly)
 Anti Memory Dump
 No additional Dependencies
 Clean and Professional GUI
 Fast on-the-fly updates (no need to update client)
 .NET Apps supported (not all applications).

Additional Features

 EOF Support (Automatic)
 Custom file version information
 Install and startup option
 Multi File Joiner (all extension)
 Multi Exe Protection (.exe only of course)
 Output extension: .exe | .pif | .com | .bat | .scr


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