Broad Crypter

Broad Crypter


Broad Crypter provides private stubs for each client which helps their applications to stay FUD longer, this is a new release of Broad Crypter with maximum stability, high execution rates, highest compatibility, better techniques. this include FUD results and full customer support!

New release of Broad Crypter:

  • maximum stability
  • higher execution rates
  • highest compatibility
  • Runtime and Scantime FUD
  • good results, full support with TeamViewer & free setup
  • 4 unique private stubs (+2 shared)
  • other improvements


Broad Crypter Features

– Able to Crypt “.exe” or “.dll”
– Builder Language: VB6 with InLineASM
– Able to Crypt Most Native Application
– Able to Crypt VB.NET / C# Application
– Private RunPE (Coded in ASM)
– Full Unicode Support
– Supports x86 & x64
– RC4 Encryption
– EOF Support
– 10 Custom Injections
– 9 Resources types with Flag Control
– Treat Section as Relocation or Debug
– Icon changer from File or Custom Icon
– Version Info Cloner (.exe | .dll | .ocx)
– Delay Execution
– Code Complexity
– Pre Mutation Code
– Compatibility Mode
– Two Calling Methods
– Multi Storage Methods.
– Server Sided Anti Sonar
– Able to Create New Section
– Anti VMware
– Realign PE
– Startup
– UPX Compression
– Free Scan4you Scanner
– File Pumper 1kb-10000kb
– Null All or Last Section Name
– Skids spoof extension crap
– Binder with an option to run only once
– Delay execution til’ next restart
– Anti Memory Scan


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