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    Broad Crypter


    Broad Crypter provides private stubs for each client which helps their applications to stay FUD longer, this is a new release of Broad Crypter with maximum stability, high execution rates, highest compatibility, better techniques. this include FUD results and full customer support!

    New release of Broad Crypter:

    • maximum stability
    • higher execution rates
    • highest compatibility
    • Runtime and Scantime FUD
    • good results, full support with TeamViewer & free setup
    • 4 unique private stubs (+2 shared)
    • other improvements
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    Cyber-Seal Protector


    Tired of crypters that get detected in days or even hours? Well, search no more,running from 2010, I present to you CyberSeal, an advanced crypter built with over 7 years of cryptography experience assuring avarage FUD times of 2-3 weeks using advanced encrypting algorithms and private methods to satisfy even the most pretentious costumer. It comes with a friendly video tutorial to ensure a complete experience even for beginners. Experience the best available support given over 15 hours per day trough skype/ymessenger and teamviewer. What are you waiting for? buy quality or buy twice ! Get your own copy right now !!!

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    DarkEyE Protector

    $300.00 $180.00

    DarkEyE Protector will make your software resistant to cracking. Various methods of code obfuscation, mutation and virtualization will help protect your application from hacking, modifying, disassembling, illegal retrieval of unique functions and data, etc. When we say an application is cracked, it means that some data inside it have been modified so that the functionality of the program has changed. Usually is affects the executable code of the application. DarkEyE Protector encrypts the executable code and application data so that changing them without destroying the protection turns impossible. Dark EyE generates different data in each instance of protection, and the decompiled algorithm for one encrypted file becomes useless for another one.

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    DataProtector is an indispensable tool to secure your programs content form curious researchers and crackers also prevent detection by antivirus programs. DataProtector is a crypter coded in CSharp, with the framework 2.0 dependencies (gui only)

    • Managed and Native
    • Custom injections
    • Many more!
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    Java Crypter


    Protect your .jar files with JavaCrypter

    There is a huge demand in the software market for an integrated data protection tool. In order to address that need, we provide you Java Crypter.
    By being one of the few crypters that perform Java encryption, Java Crypter has earned its place among the elite of its kind. What makes our Java Crypter unique is that it encrypts Java-based programs (JAR files). That means we now offer you the solution to the problem of protecting your Java programs. Java Crypter, the top choice of Java programmers around the globe.

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    NTCrypt – Private C/ASM crypter


    NTCrypt is a fully NT based crypter with a unique injection method that will guarantee a high execution rate unlike other crypters that rely on traditional and overused methods to achieve payload execution. We are also heavily monitoring new runtime detections to ensure the best possible experience for our users.

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    Private C++ Crypter

    $2,500.00 $1,750.00

    Private C++ Crypter designed and coded specially for Native tools such as Remcos and Netwire all other native tools are also supported.private stubs and refuds available, refud normally take 1-2 business days to fully refud.

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    Spartan Crypter


    Spartan Crypter is coded in C++ with no dependencies. Very stable and supports all native and managed files.


    • Stable and c++
    • No dependencies
    • Long lasting FUD
    • FUD Scantime UD Runtime
    • Multi File Binder
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