PayPal is asking me to upload Credit Card statement. I need to know that what if I provide fake Credit Card statement to paypal, will they permanent ban my account if they know it or what?

Your PayPal account is already limited and you have no other option to restore it except to provide a Credit Card statement. If you had added a real card then still there is no guarantee that they will restore your account after providing your real Credit Card statement. if they get suspicious regarding your transactions or account activity they will simply close your account by mentioning high risk activity or other.

If your account is stealth and required a Credit Card statement to restore it then you need to place an order for a Fake Credit Card statement. As per our experience we had restored many accounts but still there is not guarantee of restoration. You can try your luck.

We had also restored PayPal accounts that demands for Bank statement, Photo ID, Proof of Address, Business Details and other.

To order a Credit Card statement from us, we just need your Credit Card details that you had provided to PayPal and other transaction details like withdrawal or upload history or PayPal code to confirm owner of card if you have.

Credit Card statement available for all Visa Card, Master Card, Gift and Prepaid cards as per your request

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