Palau ID Card photoshop Template

Palau ID Card photoshop Template

This Palau ID card template PSD is self-made. The front and back of the card are displayed side by side in the file. For display, they have been cut into separate images. All the fields in the file are editable, including the font files. When using it, you just need to modify the corresponding fields, replace the photo, create a PDF417 barcode with the proportions shown in the PDF417 image in the file (set as opaque), and then import and overlay it. If you need to print, simply export the photo with a transparent background, separate the front and back, and print using a printer.

Palau is an island nation located in the western Pacific Ocean, consisting of over 300 volcanic and coral islands spread across a sea area of ​​640 kilometers from north to south. Only nine of these islands have permanent residents. The largest island is Babelthuap, with an area of ​​352 square kilometers. Palau has a coastline that stretches for 1,519 kilometers.

Palau is also a beautiful tourist destination, known for having some of the most stunning beaches in the world, as well as diverse marine life and coral reefs.

After Palau released digital resident identity card NFTs on the BNB Chain through the RNS.ID platform, Palau’s ID cards have become popular.

Common use cases: (for reference only, please test on your own)

Cryptocurrency: Binance, OKX, Bybit, KuCoin, Coinbase, etc.

Registering social media/advertising accounts: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter/TikTok Ads, etc.

Using hosting/VPS services, verifying European servers/VPS.

Participating in airdrops for various high-quality projects that require KYC.

And many other opportunities for benefitting or taking advantage of various programs.

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