Ireland ID Authentication Card PSD Template

Ireland ID Authentication Card PSD Template

The Irish Identity Card (ID card) is a legal identification document that Irish citizens and foreigners residing in Ireland must hold.This card contains basic information such as the cardholder’s name, photo, birthday, ID number, etc., and has technologies such as smart chips to ensure the security and authenticity of identity information.

The main uses of the Irish ID card include: as a proof of identity to verify personal identity; as a travel document, it can be used for free movement between EU member states; as a social welfare document, it can be used to receive social benefits; as a medical insurance document, it can be used Certified for medical insurance; as a driver’s license certificate, it can be used for driver’s license application and renewal.

In addition, the Irish ID card can also be used to handle bank accounts, rent a house, apply for schools and other services.In short, Irish ID cards play an important role in Irish social life, providing cardholders with convenient, fast and safe services.
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